Daisy Pool Covers Rollers.

Daisy Pool Covers Rollers etc available at Proswim.

With everything shutting down, how are you going to keep the kids active this Easter Break?

According to Queensland Health Water Unit, “COVID-19 will be killed at the levels of chlorine recommended for use in swimming pools”.

Did you know that a Pool Blanket from Daisy can increase your pools water temperature by as much as 6-8 degrees! Realise the benefits of a warmer pool. Extend your swimming season by a few months or perhaps you want to swim all year round. Talk to us to see what is possible. Having a pool blanket will dramatically improve the efficiency of a solar system not to mention your electric heat pump. This could potentially save you a lot of money on operating costs.

Warranty: 10 year Pro-rata

Series 525 UltraDome+ pool covers are the premium choice for maximum heat retention as well as durability. The Series 525 comes in a variety of stylish titanium colours to match pool landscapes as well as garden settings.

The original polyethylene bubble layer design has been created to maximise heat retention not to mention eliminating 97% of pool water evaporation. Thus minimising the sting of your water as well as electrical bills every summer season.

Paired with the Daisy pool cover roller system, you will be confident that your pool will be protected not to mention used more often. With more natural heat energy in, you will be able to enjoy your pool for longer.

Purchase a series 8 solar blanket as well as have it professionally installed by Proswim. Register your purchase and Daisy will upgrade your warranty from 8 to 10 years!!

To get a quote simply email us poolshop@proswim.com.au. Call us on 07 32697665 to arrange a free measure and quote. For Brisbane northside customers only.

Go to the official Daisy website www.daisypoolcovers.com.au. For all the information on types of blankets available. As well as rollers, how to measure your pool and installation videos and more.

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