Pool Cleaners by Proswim.

At Proswim we specialize in automatic pool cleaners to suit every type of pool. Whether you have a fibreglass pool, above ground pool or an in ground pool, we have a pool cleaner that works in your pool.

With so many Pool Cleaners on the market, it’s hard to know which pool cleaner to buy? The different types are suction, pressure & robotic cleaners.

Types available…

The most popular are the suction type, however, robotic cleaners are fast becoming the way to go. They may be more expensive initially, but would you rather buy one cleaner that does the job or keep wasting money on cheap cleaners that just don’t handle your pools debris.

Not all cleaners suit all pools or can handle all types of debris. Email us with your pool size, current brand & model of your pump, filter & cleaner. We can then match up some suitable replacements and give you some options for the right choice.

Cheap suction pool cleaners are cheap for a reason. They are produced from inferior materials and simply do not last, not to mention don’t do a very good job. You will always buy 3 cheap pool cleaners compared to one quality pool cleaner over a 10 year period.

If you have a pool cover then don’t run a suction cleaner under the blanket. It just won’t work properly. You would be better off with a robotic pool cleaner. That way you can put it in whenever the blanket comes off and you’re ready for your swim.

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