Pool Filters

With so many Pool Filters available, not sure to buy? Email us with your pool size (dimensions or volume), current pump brand and model and your current filter brand and model. We can then match up some suitable replacements and give you some options for the right choice.

In the old days, media filters were gravel & river sand. Then came silica sand, which was very popular, and still is. Then came Zeolite which was great short term but had issues long term. Now there is Glass Media. It is literally crushed, graded glass. It is harder than sand, lasts longer and cleans better. The good news, it’s not that much more expensive, about $100 on an average filter installation.

The other main type is the cartridge. Used mainly in Spas and where room is an issue or there is nowhere to plumb a backwash line into. They are cheaper but higher maintenance than their media counterparts.

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