Rebel Pool Cleaner Spare Parts

The Pentair Rebel Pool Cleaner Spare Parts are now available at Proswim. Tyres, wheels, hubs, drive kits, swivels, buckles, we have the full range of Rebel Pool Cleaner Spares.

If you find the parts are wearing too quickly then check the suction using the flow meter that came with the Rebel pool cleaner. Make sure the filter and your baskets are clean first. Too much suction will make the cleaner move too fast and all that does is wear out parts. You can also use the flow meter to determine whether the cleaner is malfunctioning or whether it’s the filter system.

The Rebel Pool Cleaner is a fairly simple design and the parts are easy to replace yourself. Not all the parts have been listed yet so if you need anything else or you’re not sure about something, just give us a call on 07 32697665 or email us