Replacement Pool Lights

Proswim has Replacement Pool Lights like the new Spa Electrics LED variable voltage Retrofit. These pool lights work on your existing 12, 24 or 32 volt Halogen transformer and are easy to install.

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The backyard swimming pool is more than a pool. It has become part of another room in your home. The outdoor room. So why not make your swimming pool a feature both day and night. Spectacular lighting and waterfalls will complement any outdoor room.

lluminate Your Senses

There is nothing more magical than looking into your backyard and seeing a spectacular pool with an iridescent glow. Whether it’s a hot, balmy summer’s night or the middle of winter with steam rising off the warm water, with Spa Electrics LED lights your pool will look absolutely spectacular all year round.

Experience the best

When you choose Spa Electrics products you are choosing the most superior underwater lighting products available on the market. The benefits of our innovative designs are endless and once you have experienced the quality and durability of our products you’ll never settle for another brand again. The industry’s best will only use Spa Electrics lighting for their new pool and renovation projects, so why shouldn’t you?

The new Astralpool SLX Lights are the latest in LED Light technology and encompass features not found in other lights.

With 7 standard colours to choose from, the SLX Lights can be matched to give the perfect enhancement to your pool at night. With 3 Colour Transition Modes, (Smooth, Fade and Disco) pool parties are elevated to the next level.  We have even thought to add 3 brightness levels so not only can you select the right Colour or Mode for your surrounds, you can even choose the right level of output as well.

The slim profile allows for minimum intrusion into the pool maintaining the sleek modern look of today’s pools and the one piece moulding prevents any water ingress.


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