Autochlor RP20T Salt Chlorinator

The AutoChlor RP20QT salt chlorinator is $995 including GST and delivery within Australia. To place an order or discuss this product please call us on 07 32697665 during business hours.



Autochlor RP20T Salt Chlorinator

To discuss or purchase the Autochlor RP20T Salt Chlorinator, please call us on 0732697665 or email us at

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Is your Autochlor RP20T Salt Chlorinator not worth repairing? You can also upgrade to the new RP20QT. It has a quartz timer for those on Tariff 33, as well as a 4-year warranty. Is your Autochlor AC20 not worth repairing? Upgrade to the reverse polarity self-cleaning version, the RP20QT. The new cell will fit in your old housing, not to mention the power supply is a straight swap. The RP20QT is suitable for pools up to 40,000 lts.

Autochlor chlorinators are manufactured in Queensland, not to mention have been around for a long time. An effective reverse polarity system, as well as quality Titanium Anodes, means very little maintenance. Chlorine is the only globally recognised disinfectant for swimming pool water. It removes potentially lethal pathogenic organisms, ensuring the water is safe to swim in.  The only two methods for providing a chlorine residual are conventional chlorine dosing and electrolysis.

Features include… 

Powder-Coated Steel Construction. External Aluminium Heatsink for enhanced cooling. Robust and Reliable Transformer resistant to power fluctuations as well as high temperatures. Simplified User Interface retaining only essential control functions. Safety Measures include overload, no water flow, as well as a high/low salt warning. Reverse Polarity (RP) Function reduces calcium build-up resulting in less maintenance. Genuine AIS Anode ensuring the longevity of the cell not to mention Proudly Australian Designed and Manufactured. Salinity range is 3,500PPM – 5,500PPM. The RP20QT comes with a 4-year Warranty.

Simpler… Stop being dependent on chlorine deliveries as well as managing chlorine stocks. Eliminate concerns of storing liquid chlorine not to mention less maintenance.

Safer… Minimise the health and safety risks associated with conventional chlorine dosing not to mention reducing exposure to toxic chemicals. Eliminate the risk of chlorine leaks and spills as well as gassing.

Smarter… Provides a continuous source of on-demand chlorine production.

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