Speck Badu Eco Touch VS Energy Efficient Pool Pump

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On SALE for $845 including GST & delivery to Metro cities. Country areas will need to be quoted.

Tired of ever increasing electricity costs? Did you know that your swimming pool pump is one of the highest power consumers, second only to an air conditioner. Would you like to do something about it? Speck Badu Eco Touch VS Energy Efficient Pool Pump has an 8 star energy rating, not to mention can save you up to 75% off your swimming pool running costs. In fact, they virtually pay for themselves within their own warranty period. How many products do you know that can do that?

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The Advantages of the Speck Eco Touch VS…

Huge Savings: Up to 70% off your swimming pool running costs.

Super Quiet: Even at higher speeds it is barely audible.

3 Variable speeds: Allows you to tailor each setting to suit your application.

German Engineering: Made from specially engineered German parts including stainless steel shaft, as well as high quality 100% recyclable plastics.

Great Warranty: 5 years on the wet end and 2 years on the motor.

Tariff 33 versus energy efficient pool pumps…

Converting to Tariff 33 can cost from $300 to $1000 depending on the age of your meter box etc. If you have a salt chlorinator it will need to have a battery backup timer, otherwise you will lose time every day. This is because the electricity provider turns off the power during peak loads. You can get a timer installed in the meter box linked to the Tariff 33 but this will add another $150 to $200 to the bill. This rate is now only 4 cents per kilowatt hour cheaper than normal tariff. The average setup would take approximately 4 years to get ahead in savings.

There is also a very big rumour that this cheaper Tariff will be phased out within the next 10 years, all things considered it doesn’t make it a very good option.

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