Glass Media Pool Filters

To discuss or purchase this product please call us on 32697665. Glass media is available in Fine and Course grades. Bags are 15 kg each.



Glass Media Pool Filters

To inquire about Glass Media Pool Filters please call us on 07 32697665 or

Glass Media Pool Filters offer the best filtration for your pool.

It filters finer and lasts longer than any other type of pool filter media.

Superior Filtration Media.

We use and recommend sustainable recycled Glass Media in our Filters. Glass Media can be used as a direct replacement for sand or zeolite. It has environmental as well as sanitary benefits.

More Effective Filtration.

The combination of coarse as well as fine crystals provides the best filtration. This glass media is far less prone to clogging than sand, and therefore provides deeper, more effective filtration. The better the flow rate through your pool’s filter, the more water you circulate each minute or hour. Simply by increasing your water flow rate, energy savings can be realised with more effective filtration.

Health Benefits.

The chlorine demand is lower for pools with sand filters using glass media than those with sand. Sand filters are more prone to house potentially harmful varieties of bacteria. Alternatively, the smooth unique surface of Crystals discourages bacteria from attaching itself to the glass. Ultimately, it provides a healthier and safer pool for you as well as a more enjoyable experience.

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