Liquid Chlorine is still widely used in Queensland pools. This is even though a lot of pools have salt chlorinators or other forms of sanitisation.

So Liquid Chlorine is all the same, right… wrong! It is usually produced at around 13% and is supposed to be guaranteed to be at least 10% at the point of sale. It has a short shelf life of only 3 months. After that, it loses strength and becomes less affective. In fact, we do not recommend using it in your pool if it is more than 3 months old. Sunlight affects to greatly, so don’t use clear containers and don’t leave it in the sun. You will always get fresher Liquid Chlorine at a professional pool shop. This is because we have a much higher turnover rater. For example, our shop has a 5,000 lt tank which is filled twice a week during Summer and once a week during Winter.

Other uses:

It is actually used in a wide range of Industries. Products like anti mold and bleach are actually watered down Liquid Chlorine. Do not ever mix it with other chemicals, especially Hydrochloric Acid. When these 2 chemicals mix it produces a nasty gas that is very toxic! If you are using both for your pool then always rinse the container or use separate jugs for each chemical. Be careful when handling it. You know what Bleach does to your clothes, so imagine what this will do.

Sodium Hypochlorite

What is Sodium Hypochlorite?  Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl), is a clear yellow liquid with a chlorine odour. We manufacture the Sodium Hypochlorite in our Chlor Alkali plants from common salt.

It is also referred to as Hypo, Bleach, Liquid Chlorine and swimming pool chlorine.

Where is it applied?

This product is commonly used as

  • A disinfectant / sanitising agent. Commonly used to sterilise Drinking Water, Waste Water, and Swimming Pools and Spas.
  • A bleaching agent
  • An oxidising agent in chemical manufacturing

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