Pool Deck Mounted Stair Rail




Pool Deck Mounted Stair Rail

Pool Deck Mounted Stair Rail by S.R. Smith available at Proswim for a great price. 

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Product Description

This stair rail is stainless steel with flanges for bolting to the coping of your pool. The Deck Mounted Stair Rail (single) is suitable for use on pool stairs as well as sloped entries. Constructed of 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel. A variety of finish options available: powder coating, vinyl coating as well as a clear coat.

Pricing (including GST)

Single flanged Rail (#SR-DF) $550 supply or $850 installed (Brisbane Metro only!)

Specifications: Available with or without flanges. Tubing: 38mm OD, Wall Thickness: 1.6mm. 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

Part Number: SR-DF has flanged legs for bolting to your pool coping.

Pool Deck Mounted Stair Rail

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When you choose S.R.Smith, you are choosing ladders and rails that can turn an ordinary pool into the extraordinary. From standard to custom, in a wide range of finishes, our rails can add form as well as function to any pool. Polished 38mm & 50mm OD Tubing. 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel. 1.6mm wall thickness.


Whether it’s a minor variation to one of our standard rail configurations, or something from your own imagination, look to S.R.Smith to help make your vision a reality.


A variety of finish options are available which provide a higher level of protection to our marine grade stainless steel rails as well as ladders. Coatings are available in a variety of colors, as well as a clear finish option. SRS ClearShield™ Coating— a thin film ceramic coated clear finish with superior impact, scratch as well as corrosion resistance. Powder Coating—durable finish that is easy to maintain, corrosion and scratch resistant. SealedSteel®— housed in a protective coating that virtually eliminates corrosion, not to mention stays cool to the touch even in extreme temperatures. *SealedSteel cannot be used in spas and pools where the water temperature exceeds 40º C. Due to printing technology, actual colors may vary. PEARL WHITE AZTEC BLACK STONE BEIGE ClearShieldTM WetTraction® Increased traction when wet. No more slippery rails. Thermoplastic coating fully encapsulates stainless steel to lock out corrosion.