Rebel 2 Pool Cleaner

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The Pool Cleaner

Sure‐Flow Technology: Easy Pass Through for Dirt as well as Debris Assures Clog‐Free Performance.
Advanced Hydraulic Design: Ideal for Use with Variable Speed Pumps at Lower Speeds Saving on energy costs.
Dual‐Action Roller Skirt: Maneuvers Up and Over Obstacles for Continuous Cleaning.
Programmed Cleaning Cycle: Continuous, Thorough Cleaning Coverage.

Looking for a fantastic pool cleaner to replace that tired old Baracuda or Kreepy Krauly? Do you want a cleaner with a great warranty? Are you sick of wasting money on those cheap pool cleaners that just don’t seem to last any length of time, not to mention, do a great job? Stop wasting money on those cheap disposable cleaners!

Furthermore, it comes with 10 metres of hose and skimmer fittings. Available in store only the Rebel 2 pool cleaner has programmed steering and compact two-wheeled design, as a result, it easily goes from deep to shallow floors. As a matter of fact, it goes up 90 degree floor-to wall angles all the way to the water line, and tight spaces that other cleaners usually miss. Check out the reviews for the Rebel 2 Pool Cleaner as well as similar products such as The Pool Cleaner 2 wheel. Not to mention the various forums with people’s opinions about this product.


Pentair warrants the product to be free from defects in  material as well as workmanship for a period of 3‐years from  the original purchase date. If a unit is deemed to be  defective in material as well as workmanship, subject to the  full terms and conditions included with the product,  Pentair will provide a complete replacement Rebel® 2 head  or repair parts as Pentair deems suitable. Replacement Head for first 12 months only. After 12 months is parts only.  What the Warranty DOES NOT  Cover… 1. Wear and Tear  2. Physical Damage  3. Pool Chemistry  4. Incorrect Operation.

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