Revive Pool Minerals




Revive Pool Minerals

Revive Pool Minerals are a blend of Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and Borates to provide a healthy as well as rejuvenating experience.  

Why Revive Magnesium pool minerals?

For the first time ever, our team has scientifically proven that topically applied magnesium and other minerals can permeate through the skin. Providing significant long-term health benefits. Poolrite’s Revive Balanced Mineral System is the world’s first scientifically backed mineral product. Clinically proven to benefit not just your skin, hair as well as your entire body. Swimming in a Revive pool relieves stress and anxiety, moisturises your skin as well as relieves muscle soreness. Improves water clarity as well as helps with your overall well-being.

Revive contains 33% more magnesium than all other mineral blends on the market. Not to mention essential trace elements such as iodine and boron that are critical for improved metabolism as well as mineral retention. Revive was developed to offer a better quality as well as more affordable solution. This allows every pool owner to experience the proven benefits of a Revive multi-mineral swimming pool.

Saltwater pools vs Revive magnesium mineral pools – Why choose Revive ?

Whilst both are leaps and bounds ahead of traditional chlorine pools, it’s important to understand the differences between the two. Not to mention why Revive’s magnesium pools are the new industry standard. Revive’s Magnesium mineral system can be used with any standard salt chlorinator. There is no requirement to replace or upgrade your current chlorinator to experience the benefits of Revive. Unlike magnesium, salt is a corrosive component that can stain, rust and damage your pool’s surface and equipment. Over time this leads to premature harm and in turn a far more expensive pool ownership experience. 

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Revive Pool Minerals can transform your pool into a therapeutic experience!