Shock and Swim

Shock and Swim is a NON chlorine shock treatment for pools and spas. Highly concentrated oxygen compound. Reduces and eliminates combined chlorine levels in pools as well as spas.

We all know that pools and spas harbour all types of organic material. Bacteria, viruses, algae as well as other organic deposits from leaves, dust, dirt, body oils, fats, urine etc. All which place a heavy load on sanitisers. This leads to greatly increased chloramine levels (combined chlorines).

Because Lo-Chlor SHOCK “N” SWIM has the ability to oxidise protein and other organic material it actually breaks up organic matter. It reduces combined chlorine build ups and enhances the action of free chlorine in the pool or spa water.

Lo-Chlor SHOCK “N” SWIM is a stronger oxidiser than chlorine. Combined with Stabilised Chlorine as well as an Algaecide, it makes a powerful solution to a green pool!

Before Shock n Swim…

before shock n swim

After Shock n Swim…

after shock n swim

  • Use as a non-chlorine shock for pools, spas, hot tubs, ornamental ponds as well as fountains.
  • Excellent OXIDISER for Ionised and Nature 2 Pools as well as Spas.
  • Oxidises organic contaminants.
  • Used regularly – potentiates sanitiser effect.
  • Contains clarifying agent for sparkling clear water.
Additional Benefits:
  • Has an active oxygen content of 13.5% minimum. Much higher than monopersulphate or perborate compounds. These compounds have oxygen contents of 4.5% and 10%. It is for this reason that MUCH LESS Lo-Chlor SHOCK “N” SWIM is required to treat a pool or spa.
  • When dissolved in water it converts to Sodium Carbonate plus Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide is considered to be an effective bacteriostat.
Important Notes:
  • It is NOT a sanitiser and DOES NOT REPLACE chlorine or bromine.
  • Sodium Carbonate does cause an increase in pH however the effect is minimal.
  • 500gm will shock treat a 50,000 litre swimming pool.
  • DO NOT EXCEED the recommended dose rate. Excessive Hydrogen Peroxide can destroy hypochlorite compounds.

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