Solar Shield

Lo-Chlor Solar Shield.

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According to the Bureau of Meteorology, we are in the worst drought of 120 years. 65%+ in Qld as well as 90%+ in NSW not to mention the story continues around much of the Country. 

This is where Pool Owners can play there part with effective evaporation management. The average pool (50,000 litres) can lose more than 25% of its water in a year. That’s 12,500 litres! Multiply that by the 2.7 million pools in the Country! That’s Thirty-three billion seven hundred and fifty million litres of our most precious resource!  Here’s how we can save 30% or Ten billion one hundred and twenty five million litres of water per year!

Solar Shield has been given Climate Certified approval as well as being certified by Smart Watermark. Solar Shield will prevent up to 30% evaporation! The 30 day application makes it economical as well as effective. Let’s do our part together! 

 Features and Benefits
  • Lo-Chlor Solar Shield, designed to prevent pool water heat loss as well as evaporation
  • Adds an ultra-thin, invisible barrier which helps protect your pool from evaporation as well as heat loss.
  • A safe alternative to traditional covers, making this a family-friendly option for children and pets.
  • Easy and Minimal Application – 30 Days of Protection – Economical as well as Long Lasting
  • Need only be dosed once a month, while other liquid cover products need to be added daily.
  • Provides up to 1 month of protection per dose.
  • A 1 litre bottle will provide 4 months treatment to a 50,000 litre pool.
  • Shown to be 20% more effective than other liquid blankets.
  • It has a non flammable formulation.
  • Its efficiency will not be affected by automatic pool cleaners.
  • It may be used in all types of pool finishes.
  • It is compatible with all recognised sanitisers as well as other pool additives.