Spa Electrics replacement pool light

Did you know that Spa Electrics Retro fit lights come with 2 different warranties… 12 months if purchased online. 24 months if installed by the pool professional you purchased from. Call us on 07 32697665 if you have an inquiry.


Spa Electrics replacement pool light

Upgrade your existing Halogen underwater pool lights with a LED Spa Electrics replacement pool light. Enjoy brighter lighting as well as save on electricity with Spa-Electric’s GK7 retro-fit lights. Easily replace your current lights (Halogen or LED). GK7 retro-fit lights are designed to be a direct replacement for all major brands of lights in concrete, fibreglass as well as vinyl pools. These modern LED lights use around 88% less energy than the older halogen counterparts. This upgrade will improve the looks of your pool not to mention it will considerably decrease the running costs of your lights.

Did you know that Spa Electrics Retro fit lights come with 2 different warranties.

12 months if purchased online.

24 months if installed by the pool professional you purchased from.

Call us on 07 32697665 or if you have an inquiry.


  • Give a brighter as well as modern look to your pool.
  • Save up to 88% on electricity.
  • Simple to upgrade not to mention easy to follow steps.
  • Australian Made, supporting local jobs.
  • Quality as well as durable product with a great warranty.


  • Durable. With advanced LED technology, patented cable connections and IPX8 water-ingress protection deliver top durability, year after year.
  • Brightest LED Lights on the market. Equipped with high-intensity tri-color LEDs, they provide brighter illumination than a 100 watt halogen globe.
  • Simple Installation. No electrician required, and there is no need to drop the water level.
  • Replaces all brands. Uses your current wiring and transformer.
  • Save up to 88% of electricity. Ceramic Light Engine technology delivers maximum brightness while consuming less than 12 watts.


  • Suitable for Concrete, Fibreglass and Vinyl pools
  • External Heat sink allows for superior LED cooling
  • L.E.D. life of 50,000hrs (rated)
  • Kind to the environment, operating on approximately 88% less energy than a normal 100watt halogen light
  • Direct Connect Patented electrical connection eliminates possible sources of water entry
  • Slotted rim allows water circulation behind the light eliminating stagnant water and aiding in cooling
  • Ceramic Light Engine
  • Simple installation and one screw mounting for ease of service
  • IPX8 waterproof rating

Brands It Replaces:

Spa Electrics, Astral, Waterco, Aqua Quip, Autumn Solar, Poolrite, Questa, Swimworld, Stroud, Filtrite & more.

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SPA Light Model

BLUE light White Rim, MULTI colour light WHITE rim