The Pool Filter Cover

The Pool Filter Cover supplies industrially designed Pool Filter & Pump enclosures. Specifically for housing your pool equipment as well as reducing noise by up to 80% with the Acoustic Foam option. Covers are made of 0.9mm thick Australian made (BlueScope™) Galvanized steel as well as quality (Dulux™)powder coat finishing. So they won’t rust or corrode.

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The Pool Filter & Pump covers have been tested by an Independant Acoustic Engineer. They come with a report certifying the 80% noise reduction. They are specifically designed for your Pool Filter and Pump. Engineered ventilation gaps allow for air flow as well as protect the equipment. The Pool Filter Covers require as little as 15 minutes for Assembly – and all without any tools – not even a screw driver!. The panels simply click or lock together.

There is a step by step 3D instructional video as well as paper instructions with every box to assist assembly of all box types.

The Pool Filter and Pump Cover will / is:
  • A Mandatory requirement in NSW :    (Point 6)
  • Save you money on design – A custom designed box made from timber or other material will undoubtedly cost more not to mention won’t look as good!
  • As well as Save you money on equipment – Inferior or cheaper alternatives may cost you more money in the long run as they may be poorly ventilated and damage your equipment.
  • Not to mention Save you money on running costs – A properly sound-proofed box means that you can save money on electricity by turning on your equipment at night.
  • Come with a 5 year warranty on all parts of the box.
  • Come in a variety of sizes and 10 standard colours. Custom sizes and optional colors are also available on request.
  • We offer delivery Australia wide to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Adelaide as well as most regional areas within 7-14 days.


  1. Deliveries within the Australian Metro areas: Within 10-14 working days of order date unless mutually agreed otherwise
  2. Regional deliveries: The order must be placed at least 14 working days before required delivery date. Delivery will be within 14-21 days of order date
  3. The above delivery terms are for standard sizes and colours only. Please contact us for custom sizes and/or colour orders for exact prices and delivery lead times.
  4. The Pool Filter Cover will deliver to the address and on the date as indicated on the order form / other correspondence. We are unable to guarantee an exact delivery time. Delivery will take place between 7 am – 6 pm.
  5. Our driver/courier will deliver to the person specified on the order form. In the event the person is not at the property / no person is specified, the driver will leave the product(s) as close as practically possible to the front door of the property.
  6. The Pool Filter Cover does not take any responsibility for any lost or damaged product(s) after delivery.
  7. The goods and/or services rendered remain the property of The Pool Filter Cover until full payment for the said goods/services are received.

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