Therapy 3 Mineral Pool




Therapy 3 Mineral Pool

Therapy 3 Mineral Pool

For a luxurious bathing sensation, Therapy 3 contains 3 health promoting minerals: trace elements from the Ocean, Magnesium and Potassium. Mineral salts can be very expensive. Here is an alternative! Maintain your normal salt level and add Therapy 3. $80 for 5 lts, treats a 50,000 lt pool for 3 months. You only need 2 bottles during the Summer season. We don’t ship this item so pick up only!

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Looking for less skin irritation from your pool?

Keep it Balanced and Natural. 100% Australian sourced minerals from Lake Eyre. Manufactured without any chemical additives.

A small amount of Therapy 3 was diluted with water and applied to Tamara’s Eczema. Normally she uses Steroid cream which takes 3 weeks. Therapy 3 cleared her Eczema in 5 days!! The results speak for themselves…

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