Viron XT320 Pool Pump

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Tired of ever-increasing electricity costs?

Did you know that your swimming pool pump is one of the highest power consumers, second only to an air conditioner? Would you like to do something about it? The Viron XT320 pool pump is an energy saving pump that can save you up to 75% off your pool running costs. In fact, they virtually pay for themselves within their own warranty period. How many products do you know that can do that?

Most swimming pools are effectively filtered as well as sanitised with flow rates ranging from 120 to 200 litres per minute. In fact, they will never require more than 250 to 300 litres per minute for applications such as cleaning the filter or vacuuming the pool. The Viron XT320 pool pump is perfect for this. In fact, it’s an ideal replacement for any existing 1.0hp or 1.5hp single speed pump. The Viron XT320 energy saving pool pump has three programmed speeds at the press of a button.

Features & Benefits…

9 Star Energy Rating.

Save to up $750 per year on operating costs.

Whisper quiet operation.

Variable speed flow rate adjustable to your pool requirements.

The Viron XT320 energy saving pool pump in detail…

This pump incorporates an inbuilt time clock and 4 time periods for each day. Each time period can have a different speed, allowing the ultimate in flexibility. The clock, as well as speed, can be selected at different times of the day, perfect for applications such as water features. Alternatively, the time period can be deactivated and the pump run off the timers in the chlorinator. Each speed is easily adjustable to suit your individual equipment and needs whether it be the cleaner operation or spa jets. Set high speed to enable cleaning of your sand filter or vacuuming your pool. Set low speed to circulate your pool water gently, not to mention saving the greatest amount of energy.

The fact that the XT320 is fully variable offers you the opportunity to use it on larger bodies of water. You can set the priming period to run for up to 2 hours at high speed making it easy to get great circulation of water for the first two hours. Then the pump will default to the lower speed to finish the cycle. This ensures that turnover is achieved, as well as maximum energy savings.

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