Water Witch Pool Leveller




Water Witch Pool Leveller

Water Witch Pool Leveller complete with 20 metre sensor $795 including GST.

The Water witch is an electronic automatic water levelling device. Water Witch senses the level of the water in your pool or spa with a unique as well as patented sensor. Water Witch is installed at the time of pool construction (retro-fit is NOT possible), and the sensor is set to detect the right water level for your particular pool design.

The tiny floating trigger in the sensor detects a low water level in your pool or spa. The electronic control commands a solenoid operated water valve to begin a “top-up” operation. Once the pool or spa water level reaches the right level again, the control commands the water valve to shut off. The control unit has three indicator lights, so you always know what’s happening. Water Witch is extremely reliable with no moving parts – except the small trigger which floats up and down on the water. Water Witch has three components. Easy to install. Easy to check. Should your Water Witch ever need service, and that’s unlikely, that’s easy too.

How Does it Work?
  • The Water Witch is an electronic automatic water levelling device.  It uses a unique as well as patented electronic sensor to detect if the water in your pool is below the recommended level. Filling your pool has never been so easy.
  • Designed and manufactured exclusively in Australia with authorised plumbing approval Australia wide.
  • Designed for ‘Set and Forget’ installation with one less chore to do not to mention automates your swimming pool one more step.
  • Suitable for any type of pool or spa, it is also suitable for ponds, tanks and water features.

Control Box:
Co-ordinates the above items with visual indicators of status shown in diagram below.

Levelling Sensor:
Our patented leveling sensor designed to fit into 40mm class 9 pipe.

Solenoid Unit:
Solenoid with indicator arrow that controls the flow of water.

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