The PoolCleaner pool cleaner spare parts

The PoolCleaner pool cleaner spare parts

Proswim has the complete range of The PoolCleaner pool cleaner spare parts. These include tyres, drive gears, steering assemblies, turbine vanes, skirts, as well as wheels etc. Why throw away your pool cleaner when you can rebuild it like new. As a matter of fact, we can help you get it back too proper working order so you can get back to enjoying your pool!

Products not marked as “FREE DELIVERY on this product!” have a $10.00 flat rate. Simply order whatever combination of The PoolCleaner pool cleaner spare parts you need. We will add the $10.00 freight charge to your order when we process your payment.

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I can’t fault The PoolCleaner pool cleaner after a few years of ownership. We like it so much, we actually now have two, one in a rental property. It runs on very low suction, perfect for a three speed pump on low power. We have lots of leaves and it does a great job picking them up, only very occasionally getting stuck with too many at once, but easy to clear usually by simply switching the filter off and on again, or worst case pulling the cleaner out to remove the leaves. I would suggest anybody who says it’s going out of the pool and sucking air has too much suction, ie: setup wrong. Don’t blame the cleaner. The slower it runs, the longer it will last. Too much suction = too fast, bad wear and tear and will almost certainly climb out and suck air.


Our pool always has large gum leaves, and most of the year gum nuts. The Barracudas I tried stuffed their cheeks with nuts and leaves like a squirrel, and stopped working, all the time!

After looking for recommendations for something to cope with gum leaves I bought The Pool Cleaner in Jan 2016. What a little beauty! Chugs around and up the walls (even old pumps like ours can get it up the wall with easy adjustments on the hose). I’ve now paired it with a Gator Pool Surface / Leaf Skimmer – Automated Inline Pool Surface Cleaner. So now the surface of my pool is cleaned (gum blossoms!!!) as the Gator follows around the pool above The Pool Cleaner – I feel unneeded!

Furthermore, if The pool Cleaner gets choked on a stick (and who wouldn’t) follow the instructions and its quick and easy to clear.
I’ve purchased replacement tires, as they are wearing down, after 19 months, 10 hrs a day running around – but I haven’t yet replaced them and she’s still going really well.

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