Pure Care Range of Chemicals

Pure Care Pool Chemicals

Pure Care Pool Chemicals were developed to fulfil consumer demand for environmentally conscious solutions for their pool or spa.

The range contains options for problem solving and ongoing maintenance focusing on the core principle that limiting excess products in our recreational water is vital for the protection of our water resources for the future.

Consumers have welcomed the convenience of products in pods since 2007. Dishwasher tablets, washing powder even coffee now offer the ease and simplicity of pod applications.

The Pure Care pods are packaged in biodegradable packaging that breaks down in the water, reducing our environmental footprint even further.

In addition, Pure Care pods ensure products are not over dosed and restrict the requirement for chemical handling by the pool or spa owner.

The use of natural products instead of synthetic products guarantees performance regardless of the existing chemical balance of the water or the temperature it is operating at.

Check out the range for yourself… http://www.astralpool.com.au/purecare